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- Understanding that building your dream home can be stressful is the first step we take when planning.

- With our dedicated and committed GC, we are able to remove all the stress, so you can enjoy every second of bringing your dreams to reality.  

​- Here at Lisikatos Building and Development, our highly qualified team handles everything from connecting sub-contractors to the paperwork in between. 

- Your project will be under supreme supervision from planning phases through turn key, with multiple communication lines open for your convenience. 

​- There will be nothing left to chance! Every step, every phase; it's all planned out! 

They service customers who are looking for some general maintenance projects, through large scale residential and commercial projects, offering a variety of options including 'Turn Key' projects. We are a family owned company which is still operated on a daily basis, where our reputation is foremost important

who we are

C O M P L E T E   S I T E   D E V E L O P M E N T

Every job requires the perfect tool!

           - We use cutting edge technology for every job. 

​           - Our machines are up to date and checked daily.

​           - Every vehicle is logged, registered insured and cared for!

Nick Lisikatos and his team are a full spectrum contracting company. They combine their customers needs with 50+ years of experience along with today's cutting edge technology.